Tinos, Cyclades islands

Profile of Tinos Island at the North of Cyclades

  • Area: 197 km2
  • Population: 7750
  • Coastline: 201 km
  • The island of Tinos forms part of the northern archipelago of the Cyclades.
  • Airport and boat connections: From the Airport of Mykonos, transfer to the port of Mykonos (15 mins), boat trip (20 minutes). -From Athens airport, transfer to the port of Rafina (40 minutes), boat trip (2 to 4 hours).
  • Tinos is 4 hours away from Athens using the ferry (1.30 using Seajets) and 15 minutes away from her ‘famous sister’ Mykonos .

Tinos is one of the few islands which have managed to retain their authenticity a testament is the numerous artists and architects which discreetly visit Tinos. Tinos unique architecture and style can be traced back to its previous capital Exombourgo a mountainous catholic settlement favored by the populace due to the safety of the Fortress built to provide refuge against marauding pirates a millennium ago. Chora, the new capital of Tinos is a beautiful whitewashed town , there you will find the main port on the cities right , narrow streets full of surprises including traditional tavernas and modern bars but most importantly the cities Cathedral situated in the center of the town adorned by small stores selling a myriad of items ranging from incenses and trinkets to toys for children. The Cathedral was built on the spot where a young peasant girl found the sacred image of Holy Mary , to that day Orthodox Greeks from all over the world travel to pay their respects and carry out a very interesting ritual called tama ,pleading for a divine favor.Beyond Chora you will find many coastal settlements and scenic isolated beaches adorning the coastline, the inner parts of the island except from having the most authentic scenery.

Tinos can offer also are full of pathways for pedestrian exploration, conveniently there are also plenty of Tavernas in nearly all towns.

  • Beyond the island itself Tinos unique position allows for fast travelling to nearby islands such as cosmopolitan Mykonos,Paros and Syros or for naturalist Andros even more interesting is the proximity to Delos an abandoned grand city of the antiquity which used to serve as one of Greece’s centers of business but most importantly Delos was the birthplace of the twin gods Apollo and Artemis consequently Delos was one of Greece’s most culturally eminemt settlement in Greece and is now considered part of the UNESCO heritage.
  • All of Tinos’s villages are of high aesthetic standards whether it is the known villages such as ‘Pirgos’ the birthplace of many famous Greek artists but also a haven for artists seeking inspiration .
  • In Pirgos you will find many workshops belonging to sculptors including the house/museum of Greece’s greatest marble sculpture, Yanoulis Xalepas.
  • Another interesting destination is Volax where rumor has it meteorites fell in Volax a long time ago and created what is considered today a truly unique landscape. Rock climbers will be thrilled to learn Volax’s landscape is perfectly adapted for Rock Climbing. The population of Volax has shrunk to only tens of inhabitants meaning those remaining are traditionally authentic and some excellent tavernas operate during the tourist season.
  • Visit the village of Kambos and be pleasantly surprised by the museaum of Tsoklis one of Greece’s most renowned living artist. The museum of marble near the town of Pirgos is another place worth seing. The abbey of the Pelagia is an Orthodox establishment characterized by humility and authenticity making it one of Tino’s most visited location , definitely worth visiting for intrinsic reasons. Also check out “Ta Dio Choria” which remain untouched by modernity
  • During you walks around The port of Tinos and its Marina make sure to visit the neoclassical building which hide numerous exhibitions

Sport Activities available : Surf Center (in Kolimbithra), windsurfing ,Scuba Diving club (on the port) Climbing & bouldering (Volax), horse-riding.

The beaches : 3 km from the port of Chora towards your left , you will find the large organized beach of Kionia , composed of sand and pebbles (composition varies from place to place) we recommend you to visit the Ammos Beach restaurant , where we were pleasantly surprised by the white wines proposed and the modern Mediterranean cuisine. If you are looking for calmness follow down your left the Kionia beach ,all along you will find the landscape divides.the beach into some very isolated and scenic beaches. On the far end of Kionia beach you will find a large isolated sandy nudist beach . 3 km to your right from the port you will find the “Agios Fokas Beach” which is organized and has many beach bars, following 5 more kilometers to your right you will find the beach “Porto” To practice surf or wind-surf you will have to go to the beach of “Kolymbithra” situated opposite to Chora on the island. The organized beach of “Kalivia” is also a great option where you will also find a beach bar , It is down the hill from the coastal settlement of Kardianni. Lastly the beach “Pachi Ammos” is a beautiful yet completely isolated beach , to reach you will need to go offroad.

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