The Unknown Sanctuary and Oracle of Amfiaraos Oropos (Attica ) The oracle of Antiquity (4th c., )

Almost unknown to the general public, this sanctuary was dedicated to the worship of Amfiaraos hero. It is located in an idyllic location north of Attica which extends on the bank of a ravine between two hills, near a small river, whose waters have always nourished a sacred spring, with recognized therapeutic properties. This sanctuary has a beautiful theater, a temple dedicated to the god- hero Amfiaraos, a gallery where supplicants God slept while waiting to be visited by their dreams, baths and various domestic structures including a hydraulic clock.

Thereafter, we can s offer a swim at the beautiful beach near the small village of Saint Apostles which was so named because 12 small streams flow into the crystal sea, only a few kilometers from the center of Athens.

After our refreshing bath , we will sit in the tavern , which is an old house in the village , where we will enjoy the real kitchen .

Let’s go to the beautiful nearby beach to go swimming. After this refreshing swim, we will walk to the village of Saint Apostles

In this village, we will find excellent taverns where you can eat good local cuisine.

Dr. Chryssa Kontogeorgopoulou,
Official archaeologist Guide to Greece

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