Athenian Memoirs of Hadrian

Our walk through the Roman ancient town, starts at the door ” of the goddess Athena ,” former entrance to the Roman Forum in the city. Close to the old quarter of Plaka , the Forum (in Greek: Agora) , includes the remains of a portico , a fountain and a water clock , known as the ” Tower of the Winds .

The tour continues with the Library of Hadrian, the legendary establishment, built at the initiative of Emperor philhellene.

Next, we walk along the old streets (called “Rue d’Hadrien”), to see the majestic Temple of Olympian Zeus, inaugurated by Emperor even in the 2nd century AD.

The Athenians built the Gate (Arc) in front of the entrance to the Temple in honor of Hadrian, to welcome him at the inauguration. The Athenians have always loved Adrian as a god and he has done several great works in their city, as the very famous Library, the Temple of Zeus and the Aqueduct. The great french writter, Maruerite Yourcenar is referred to the inauguration of the temple in his famous novel” Memoirs of Hadrian ” .

Then you walk in full center to watch the legendary river landscape of Ilissos.

Dr. Chryssa Kontogeorgopoulou, 
Official archaeologist Guide to Greece

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